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The meaning of glare. Definition of glare. Best online English dictionaries for children, with kid-friendly definitions, integrated thesaurus for kids. glare · stare to look at somebody/​something for a long time, especially with surprise or fear, or because you are thinking: · gaze (rather formal) to look. glare · frown · gape · gawk · glower · scowl · stare. Strong matches. bore · fix · gaze · lower · menace · peer · pierce · wither. What is the difference between flare and glare. Vocabulary. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. "Glare" is. wcmedia.ru: Mueller No Glare Glare-Reducing Stick oz: Sports & Outdoors.

The most effective way to reduce glare when designing a luminaire is to integrate shielding into the design, also known as light cutoff. This will control the. 36K Followers, Following, 92 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Glare (@wcmedia.ru). GLARE® products are the most advanced paint protection polishes on the market, number one for all paints including clear coated paints. The development of new metrics to describe glare can assist with product development, facilitating optimization, while also reducing negative consequences for. glare The sun glared down relentlessly. The white snow glared in the morning sunlight. The teacher glared at him as he walked in late. There was a glare. Eye Disease and other refractive issues: The biggest contributor to vision glare and halos is the development of cataracts—and eye disease that is seen in many. Glare (vision), difficulty seeing in the presence of very bright light; Glaring, a facial expression of squinted eyes and look of contempt; A call. Yes, bad glare in dark environments. It's not a light leak issue from the outside nor is it a defect, it's just the nature of pancake lenses. I. Gila® Glare Control Window Film helps make it more comfortable to look at virtually any electronic device - even in the most sun-flooded room, at high noon. Direct glare considers the ceiling area in front of the viewer viewed at angles shallower than 45°. Reflected glare is glare which causes an unpleasant visual. UV protection actually has little to do with depth of tint or glare protection. If your sunglass lenses feature a low-quality UV filter, wearing them can.

Glare. likes · 14 talking about this. Band. Glare. Texas. sonically swole ™ Sunday Drive Records Contact: [email protected] USA/NA Booking: [email protected] Increased debris in older eyes results in increased scatter (Schmitz et al., ). • Glare has a larger impact on visual performance for older subjects. glare meaning, definition, what is glare: to look angrily at someone for a long ti: Learn more. GLARE meaning: 1. a long, angry look: 2. unpleasantly bright or strong light: 3. to shine too brightly. Learn more. wcmedia.ru: Mueller No Glare Glare-Reducing Stick oz: Sports & Outdoors. Synonyms for GLARE: glow, light, gleam, glint, illumination, sunlight, beam, fluorescence; Antonyms of GLARE: night, darkness, dark, shadow, blackness. In other languages. glare If you glare at someone, you look at them with an angry expression on your face. The old woman glared at him. A glare is an angry. NoIR Glare filters offer % UV protection and are formulated to minimize eye discomfort and maximize visual resolution by filtering the.

The development of new metrics to describe glare can assist with product development, facilitating optimization, while also reducing negative consequences for. glare. [] The sensation produced by luminances within the visual field that are sufficiently greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted to. Glare is defined by the International Commission on. Illumination (CIE) as a “condition of vision in which there is discomfort or a reduction in the ability to. 3M™ Window Films let in the light you love while reflecting much of the sun's heat and glare away from your home. At the same time, they block up to 99% of. glare · 1. To stare fixedly and angrily. See Synonyms at gaze. · 2. To shine intensely and blindingly: A hot sun glared down on the desert. · 3. To be conspicuous;.

1[uncountable, singular] a very bright, unpleasant light the glare of the sun The rabbit was caught in the glare of the car's headlights. These sunglasses are. Definition & Meaning of "Glare" | LanGeek. Discomfort glare arises when a person looks out of a window in the direction of the sun or when direct sunlight falls against surfaces within the normal field. An anti-glare screen is a type of display filter designed to reduce reflections and minimize glare on the screen's surface. It is commonly used on electronic. glare · to shine with or reflect a very harsh, bright, dazzling light. · to stare with a fiercely or angrily piercing look.

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