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Brown Zip Cord. $ Brown Zip Cord (ft). Brown Zip Cord quantity. Add to cart. Category: Expendables. Related products. Disinfectant Wipes. Brown Zip Cord 18/2 ft Spool Electrical Lamp Cable Electrical Supplies Brown Zip Cord 18/2 ft Spool Electrical Lamp Cable Gauge: 18 Conductors. Use the Zip Cord Termination Cap to safely cap off the end of your wire. Available in bags of Buy Black Zip Cord for Lamps and Extension Cables. Review 18 Gauge 2 wire cable for building lamp cords quickly. White Zip Cord. $ White Zip Cord (ft). White Zip Cord quantity. Add to cart. Category: Expendables. Related products.

Power/Speaker Zip Cord Wire Bare Copper Strands 16 AWG 2-conductor ft. (Red/Black). Part Number: by Parts Express. CONSOLIDATED's 14 gauge, 2 conductor, red and black PVC zip auto speaker wire. Rated to 60 deg. C, V, ft spool. GS Power 18 Gauge ' Red /' Black ( feet Total) Bonded Zip Cord Speaker Cable for Model Train Car Audio Radio Amplifier Remote 12V Automotive Trailer. CONSOLIDATED's 18 gauge, 2 conductor, red and black PVC zip auto speaker wire. Rated to 60 deg. C, V, ft spool. Zip cord that's easy to strip. Belden's 18/2 electric wire is excellent for rigging pyrotechnic effects and firework displays. Its soft, pliable coating. Need outdoor direct burial and zip cord cables for our ​next low voltage installation? SES has you covered with all the trusted brands a low prices. Bulk Electrical Zip Cord - Spool of Wire · Colors: Green, White, Brown · Wire Size: SPT1 or SPT2 · Insulation" insulation thickness · Material: Service. We stock Zip Cord for your film and studio set needs! We will deliver exactly what you need with a service level that exceeds expectations. Zip Cord. Filters. View as Grid List. Sort by. Position, Name: A to Z, Name: Z to A, Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low, Created on. Zip Cord Christmas Light Wire · Zip cord, plugs and sockets are a great solution for custom Christmas lights, but they are meant for temporary display use only. 18/2 SPT 2 Zip Cord, Green, ' Use our 18/2, SPT 2, Green Zip Cord in order to create a customizable extension cord. Specially designed with a sturdy wire.

Zip Cord Tight-Buffered Cable, Plenum, 2 fiber, mm diameter, 50 µm multimode (OM3). Zip-cord is a type of electrical cable with two or more conductors held together by an insulating jacket that can be easily separated simply by pulling apart. 18/2-SPT-WHITE MANUFACTURER: BURTON WIRE & CABLE NOTE: THIS ZIP CORD HAS A FAINT BLACK DESCRIPTION WATERMARKING ON THE LOWER CONDUCTOR JACKET (5 INCHES OF. Red/Black Zip Cord is a low voltage DC power cable. Easy to identify polarity for DC applications. Excellent for Amateur Radio, Automotive/Stereo. 14 AWG Zip cord is ideal for use in low voltage lights and DC circuits. They are perfect for situations where conductors need to be routed quickly. DT TRANSMITTER – REMOTE ZIP CORD RETRACTOR. Zip Cord Retractor (with keychain style connection) that fits all of the DT Systems Transmitter/Remote units. Our miniature zip cord # features parallel stranded copper conductors with extruded soft PVC insulation. Learn more about this series online at Daburn. Buy your Zip Cord 18/2 Jacketed Wire - 3 Colors - feet at Filmtools. Adjustable bungee cord, adjusts from 6" to 45" with patented zip hooks. Tough copolymer zip hook is stronger than traditional hooks and will not scratch.

From $ Green Outdoor Zip Cord Wire, 18 Gauge. Browse our selection of Christmas Zip Cord, Zip Cord Wire and Lamp Zip Cord Cable. Find Outdoor Electrical Zip Cord Wire and Lamp Zip Cord Cable to power. SPT-1 SPT-2 Extension Wire,18AWG 16AWG Combine with Male and Female Zip plugs Make custom extension cords UL Listed -Indoor and Outdoor. AFL Global 2-Fiber Zip-Cord Aramid Reinforced Tight Buffered Low Smoke Zero Halogen, mm, /um Multimode Cable. 18/2 zip cord Ft. AKA Lamp cord. Make custom extensions by adding Add-a-Taps.

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Zip Cord. Home/Wire & Cable/Zip Cord. Select a category, Abrasives, Chop Saw Blades, Cut Off Wheels, Emory Cloth, Flap Discs, Flap Wheels, Grinding Wheels, Hand. Buy from our huge selection of electronic parts and Zip Cord. 18/2 Zip Cord, Black- Stranded, Heavy Duty Vinyl. UL. ft. per package.

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